Boogat’s music in the new Telus ad

We can hear Boogat’s song “Wow” in the new Telus advertising campaign.

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Philippe Brault signed the music of Sébastien Pilote’s new film

Philippe Brault composed the original soundtrack of the new film of Sébastien Pilote, “La disparition des lucioles”, production ACPAV (Bernadette Payeur et Marc Daigle). Featuring Karelle Tremblay, Pierre-Luc Brillant, Luc Picard and François Papineau.

More info: Philippe Brault


6 awards at the Gémeaux Awards for the TV series “Lâcher prise” – Music by Serge Pelletier

The series “Lâcher Prise” won 6 awards at the 2017 Gemeaux Awards (“Best comedy” and “Best actress in a comedy”). Soundtrack composed by Serge Pelletier.

More info: Serge Nakauchi Pelletier


The TV series “Plan B” won a pretigious award in France – Music by Mathieu Vanasse

The TV series “Plan B” won this week-end the award of “Best Foreign Francophone Fiction” at the Festival de la Fiction TV (La Rochelle, France). The original soudntrack is signed by Mathieu Vanasse. 

More info: Mathieu Vanasse


Release of Boogat’s 3rd single, Sabes Muy Bien!

Today Canadian-Mexican musician Boogát shares his song “Sabes Muy Bien”, a collaboration between Andrés Oddone and Frikstailers. This is the third single off his upcoming album, San Cristóbal Baile Inn, set for release on October 6th via Maisonnette. The track, both romantic and danceable, is an open letter to family, love, and friendship, and explores how our choices define the ways we live our lives. This single is accompanied by the beautiful artwork of Todobien Estudio, an art collective based in Mexico.

More info: Boogat

les_flots_2 - Copie

Nom de Plume signed the music for the new TV series “Les Flots”

Nom de Plume (Alexandre Bilodeau) signed the original soudntrack for the new TV series “Les Flots”, broadcasted since Sept 2017 on TV5. Production Saturne 5 (Martine Forand et Pierre-Yves Lord), directed by Parish.

More info: Nom de Plume