Florian Seraul has been experimenting with sound textures in France since he was a just a child, locked in his bedroom and playing with whatever instrument he could get his hands on. His taste for indie and orchestral-folk music developed while living in Sweden, through observation of the Swedes’ sophisticated simplicity and appreciation for silence and nature.


Florian is now absorbing Montreal’s gritty, seductive underground music scene, as well as its ‘above-ground’ scene that bustles with its blend of languages, cultures and lifestyles. All of these experiences combine to create Florian’s undeniably visual and visceral music style, such as his artistic work on the project “Maison Brume” and as a composer with original compositions for several documentaries, films and advertisements. Florian was also a semifinalist in 2014 at the Granby International Song Festival.


Whether it is Orchestral Indie-Folk or Contemporary Classical, Florian’s music is always bright and gentle. Florian uses his voice as an instrument to give a human touch to his compositions. Recently, he composed the soundtracks for the following short movies: “Helium” (2016, directed by Christophe Chamberland), “Nous” (2016, directed by Nicolas Fidala) and “Le Grand Mal”.

Audio excerpts

  1. Nous - Learn to Live Aloneplaypause
  2. One of those Rainy Days playpause
  3. A picture of New York in 2015 playpause